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About ZOSO

ZOSO’s range of high-powered suction cup product are new to the UK and European market.  The products are aimed firmly and squarely at the budget conscious consumer who wants a quick and easy way of affixing household-type accessories without any complicated assembly steps, adhesives, screws or nails.

ZOSO products can be affixed to any smooth flat shiny surface in a matter of seconds and used straightaway.

Suction-cup fittings are widely used in other products.  Where ZOSO claims an edge is in the special mechanism that offers extremely powerful attachment: rotating the suction cup locks it into place and the mechanism gives a much tighter seal than conventional suction pads. Uniquely, ZOSO products can also be used on slightly textured surfaces when used in conjunction with our inexpensive 3M plate.

ZOSO products can be repositioned as required, making them ideal for use in every home, RV, boat, or caravan.


About UM! Brands

Ever had an "UM!" moment? Seemingly simple problems such as: "Um... Where do I put my oven mitts?" or "Um... How do I put this picture on my wall?" may often require much more complex solutions. The same "UM!" is also the first sound uttered before an epiphany: A sound that precedes genius ideas as our minds organize floating thoughts into coherent sentences.

Here at UM! Brands, we strive to create a simple yet genius solution for each UM! moment, using our revolutionary material called EverSTIK™, which uses nano-suction technology instead of old fashioned glue and tape to adhere securely to any non-porous surfaces without leaving a mark.


We live in an incredible age

With instant ramen, buttonless phones and wireless technology that allows information to be transferred instantaneously across the planet. Yet, here in the 21st century, if we want to hang something on a wall, we have to trudge into the garage, find nails and a hammer and bludgeon a stake into the wall. If we decide that we don't want it there anymore, we are left with an unsightly hole.


Isn't it about time our domestic lives caught up with the rest of technology?

Well, with our everSTIK™ technology, you can now mount UM! products on to any smooth surface without ever reaching for a hammer; then you can remove it whenever you like, leaving behind no mark, over and over again.

It’s the most practical technology of the modern age. The applications are endless. From hooks to organizers to whiteboards and decorations, the possibilities are mind-blowing.

The creative minds at UM! Brands work hard daily to design practical, aesthetic and environmentally-friendly housewares that make your life easier with our revolutionary material. Now for every UM! moment, we have an answer. Oven mitts? Hook UM! Photographs? Frame UM! The creative minds at UM! Brands work hard daily to design practical, aesthetic and environmentally-friendly housewares that make your life easier with our revolutionary material. With every gasp of UM!, we discover new ways to utilize this technology.


Imagine that: Any place, any time, you can just Hook UM!, Stick UM!, Note UM! and do tons of other amazing things with UM!

It's funny how we take it for granted that we can go to space, yet we can't imagine something so simple as sticking things onto a wall without destroying it.


Well dear

Now you can.

And it's about time.

Simple is amazing.

About us

Zoso and UM! Brand products are distributed in the UK and Europe by Campnvan Limited. Located in Folkestone, a major gateway to the continent in the home county of Kent, Campnvan provide a range of niche product sourcing and distribution solutions for small and medium sized enterprises. Campnvan Limited is registered in England No. 4838487, VAT No 138151916.