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About ZOSO products

Zoso products include hooks, soap dishes, towel hangers, multi-function hooks, shelves, wire racks and much more.

Although primarily intended for use in the Kitchen and Bathroom the Zoso range is so versatile that applications in the home are virtually limitless, as well as being ideal for boat, motorhome, and caravan owners.  All that’s required is a smooth, flat non-porous surface upon which the product can be affixed.

Zoso Usage Instructions

Key Features of ZOSO products:

No tools, no glue

No need for any complicated assembly steps, adhesives, screws or nails.

Single click attachment – in seconds!

Simply rotate the body of the product by 60° and click to attach. Zoso products are easily attached by anyone.

Attaches to any smooth flat surface

Including tiles, glass, metals and plastic. Attaches to appliances such as fridges and washing machines.  Uniquely, ZOSO products can also be used on slightly textured surfaces used in conjunction with a self adhesive 3M plate also avaiable from ZOSO (Product ref ZS3MH).  See our Application Guide for further details of the types of surfaces that ZOSO products can be applied to.

Clean and modern designs

A stylish and innovative range carefully designed for ease of use.

Long-lasting suction power, excellent durability and re-use

Repeated attachment does not lower the quality of the suction power. Zoso products can be quickly re-positioned and do not leave any unsightly holes or marks after removal. Each suction cup is capable of supporting a 7.5kg load.

How they work

The common element in all Zoso products is the unique powered suction mechanism. Every Zoso product has a supported element, e.g. handle, hook, rack, and the same circular powered suction means for contacting and affixing to a surface.

In use, operation of the product from a first, unlocked position, to a second, locked position is achieved by twisting or rotation of the outside body around the suction means in a clockwise direction. As this twisting or rotation takes place the internal mechanism pushes the outer circumference or the suction pad away from the center of the suction cup, which remains fixed. In turn, the surface of the suction pad becomes curved and a strong airtight seal is formed between the outer circumference of the suction pad and the surface.

Unlocking the suction mechanism and removal from the surface is achieved by turning or rotating the outside body in an anti-clockwise direction and gently prizing the suction pad away from the surface by use of a small plastic lug on each suction cup.