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What surfaces can ZOSO products be used on?

ZOSO products can be attached to any smooth flat surface such as tiles, glass, metal and even plastics.  See the Application Guide for further details.

What if my surface isn’t flat and non-porous?

Uniquely, ZOSO products can also be used on slightly textured surfaces when used in conjunction with a self adhesive 3M plate also available from ZOSO.

The 3M plate provides a flat surface for the suction cup to be applied to and avoids the issue of air entering the suction cup due to imperfections in the primary surface.

The Application Guide  gives details on when the use of the 3M plates may be required.

How do I apply or remove the suction cup?

ZOSO suction cups are applied in four easy steps:

Step 1:           Ensure the surface is flat and smooth.  Use a dry cloth to clean the surface and the suction cup.

Step 2:           Place the suction cup against the surface.  Avoid placing the suction cup over tile grouting or other surface joins or gaps.

Step 3:           Press the centre and the edges of the suction cup firmly and ensure that any air between the suction cup and the surface is removed.

Step 4:           Rotate the outer body of the suction cup in a clockwise direction by approximately 60° until it locks into place with a ‘click’.

To remove, simply rotate the outer body of the suction cup in an anti-clockwise direction and lift the suction cup away from the surface by holding the small plastic lug on the suction pad.

For further details, see our Product Video.

Will the suction cups stay on forever?

No.  Suction is not a permanent attachment method.  The duration of attachment will depend on a number of factors including the porosity of the surface and the length of time that air will take to eventually seep between the suction cup and the surface.

For this reason, every 4 or 5 months we recommend removing the suction cups, cleaning the surface and the suction cup with a dry cloth and re-attatching. 

How much weight will the suction cups take?

Each suction cup can sustain a load of up to 7KGs

How do they work?

The common element in all ZOSO products is the unique powered suction mechanism.  Adhesion is achieved by rotating the suction cup in a clockwise direction by 60 degrees which locks the suction cup into place - the rotating action results in the suction cup pad becoming curved and forming a strong airtight seal between the outer circumference of the suction pad and the application surface.

Do the suction cups leave any marks or stains on the surface when removed?

A key benefit of ZOSO products is that they do not mark the surface when removed. 

The 3M pads, if used, do contain adhesive and as such the 3M product may leave some slight residue once eventually removed from the surface.  In most cases, traces of residue are easily removed with a damp cloth. 

Are ZOSO products water-resistant?

Yes.  Clean water will not affect the product or the strength of adhesion, however we recommend that the surface and suction-cup are dry during initial application. 

Will the ZOSO wire baskets rust?

No.  All wirework used is grade 304 stainless steel.  Other components are high quality plastic and will not rust.  All ZOSO products come with a 1 year warranty against faulty workmanship or materials.

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UM! Brands 


What is UM! Brands™?

UM! Brands designs, manufactures, markets and sells innovative, convenient household products based on a revolutionary patent-pending new adhesive material called EverSTIK™, which uses nano-suction instead of old fashioned glue and tape.

What does UM! Brands™ mean?

"UM!" means two things to us: First, we define "UM! moments" as circumstances where a seemingly simple problem may often require much more complex solutions.

Second, we think of the sound "UM!" as the first sound uttered during an epiphany: A sound uttered when coming up with a simple, yet genius solution for an UM! moment. For example:

"Um... Where do I hang my oven mitts?" "Hook UM!"

"Um... How do I read my iPhone recipe while cooking?" "Stick UM!"

"Um... How do I leave a note for my neighbor?" "Note UM!"

 Here at UM! Brands we strive to do just that: Identify UM! moments, then cleverly solving them using simple solutions.


What is Nanosuction?

In its simplest terms, nanosuction is the power of millions of miniature suction cups, packed as tightly as the cells of your skin that it feels like a smooth plastic sur- face to your hand.

When a vacuum is present between a smooth non-porous surface and a suction cup, the higher atmospheric pressure outside of the cup enables the suction cup to maintain its grip.

What is EverSTIK™?

EverSTIK™ is our revolutionary, patented material made with a thermoplastic elastomer base imbued with our proprietary formula to create the optimal nanosuction adhesion, striking the perfect balance between strength and reusability.

Are UM! Brands™ Products safe for children?

Yes, all UM! Brands™ Products are RoHS Compliant and have been tested to be free of lead, mercury, cadmium, and a variety of other hazardous substances.


What surfaces do UM! Brands™ Products stick to?

The patent-pending EverSTIK™ material has been tested to work on most smooth, non-porous surfaces, such as: painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, metal, and wallboard.

Do UM! Brands™ Products work on brick and other uneven surfaces?

While UM! Brands™ Products can tolerate a certain level of unevenness; their strength diminishes with the degree of unevenness. This means that on certain uneven surfaces UM! Brands Products can still work very well, but on very uneven surfaces such as brick, the products lose their effectiveness.

Do UM! Brands™ Products work on painted surfaces?

Yes, but we advise against using UM! Brands products on oil-based paints, as the material may react with, then dull the surface after extended use.

Do UM! Brands™ Products work on wallpaper?

While UM! Brands products can work very well on most wallpaper, as a general rule we do not recommend using UM! Brands products on them as the strength of the suction may tear off their weaker, older counterparts. It is hard to know until actually trying it out on the surface.

Are UM! Brands™ Products water-resistant?

Yes. Due to the suction nature of the EverSTIK™ material, water does not affect the viscosity of adhesion. However, the material must be dry before use. After the material is applied to a surface and the vacuum is sealed, the product becomes completely water-proof.

Why is it recommended that I wait an hour before using Hook UM!™?

While our Hook UM! products can be very effective immediately after application to a surface, waiting for an hour allows the EverSTIK™ material to develop a stronger suction bond with the surface. Similar to how single suction cups hold stronger after a certain period time, this ensures that the Hook UM! product performs at its peak strength.

Don’t see your question?  Contact us and we’ll do our best to provide you with a response.