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Soap Rack

Soap Rack

Product Code: ZS2005S

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Super Strong.  Super Easy.

Stay organised the ZOSO way!

Wouldn't it be great if the storage accessories you need to help you keep organised could be installed in a quick, easy, and cost efficient manner?  Don't want to spend your free time on DIY?  Or use methods that may damage surfaces resulting in holes or marks?   Say hello to the ZOSO range of super power suction cup products!

Soap Rack ZS2005S

SIZE: 130mm x 120mm x 80mm (LxWxH).  
COLOUR: Silver
WEIGHT: 134g
MATERIAL:  Plastic/Stainless steel
Also available in white (ZS2005W-B)


-No tools

-No glue

-Attaches in seconds

-Super Strong - Maximum load of each suction cup is 7.5kgs

-Reusable - simply re-position as required 

About ZOSO products

The ZOSO range of Super Power Suction Cup Products comprises individual and stylish products that include hooks, soap dishes, towel hangers, multi-function hooks, shelves, wire racks and so much more. The designs are fresh and appealing and the products lend themselves to a wide range of uses throughout the home. ZOSO products are also ideally suited for use in boats, caravans, motorhomes and park homes.

ZOSO products are aimed firmly and squarely at the budget-conscious consumer who wants a quick and easy way of affixing household accessories firmly and securely without any complicated assembly steps, adhesives, screws or nails. ZOSO products can be attached to any smooth flat surface such as tiles, glass and metal in a matter of seconds and are easily re-positioned as required.  Repeated attachment does nothing to diminish the power of the specially designed super power suction cup, which as a result enables ZOSO products to be used time and time again.


How they work

The common element in all ZOSO products is the unique powered suction mechanism.  Adhesion is achieved by rotating the suction cup in a clockwise direction by 60 degrees which locks the suction cup into place - the rotating action results in the suction cup pad becoming curved and forming a strong airtight seal between the outer circumference of the suction pad and the application surface.


Using ZOSO products on non-smooth surfaces

Uniquely, ZOSO products can also be used on slightly textured and/or porous surfaces when used in conjunction with our self-adhesive 3M plate  (product code ZS3MH).   The 3M plate provides a flat surface for the suction cup to be applied to and avoids the issue of air entering the suction cup due to any imperfections or porosity in the primary surface.  See our Application Guide  for further details of when to use the 3M plate.


Further information

See our product video and FAQs section.  Alternatively please feel free to contact us at info@inzoso.eu

Weight: 134.00g

Availability: In stock