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Mirror UM! - Square - Blue Curacao

Mirror UM! - Square - Blue Curacao

Product Code: M-BS-05

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So you never forget who's the fairest of them all

Need to make sure that you look your best between classes at your locker? Want to maximize space in an area without drilling and mounting a new mirror? Need something that is easily portable that you can use on your trip out of town? Mirror UM! is your best bet. It will keep you looking classy without any of the hassle of other mirrors!

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Revolutionary everSTIK material that sticks to any smooth non-porous surface using Nanosuction instead of tape, magnets, tools or glue;

Easy to apply and remove by simply sticking on then peeling off; leaves no holes, marks or residue;

Reusable over and over again; just stick, peel and repeat. Wash when dirty then reuse again and again;

Use it at home, in the office, motorohome, caravan or boat - anywhere to keep things organised;

1 item per pack. Blue Curacao.  81.2mm x 81.2mm. Other colours available. 


Not intended for rough surfaces such as bricks and textured drywall, or delicate surfaces such as freshly painted walls and wallpaper.


Product tested to hold on most non-porous surfaces: Tile, plastic, wood, cement, glass, metal and non-textured drywall. To maximise adhesion, use only on smooth and clean surfaces. Dirty or uneven surfaces may decrease capacity or cause the product to fail. If the adhesive backing gets soiled, wash gently with water, air dry, then reuse normally.

Weight: 31.00g

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